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Hong Leong Capital Bhd - 5274(HLCAP)

Hong Leong Capital Bhd - 5274 (HLCAP)

Hong Leong Capital Bhd lists under Main Market of Bursa Malaysia. It has been classified in the Finance sector. The stock code uses in Bursa Malaysia is "5274" or identify by stock name of "HLCAP". More information about Hong Leong Capital Bhd can be found in their website (www.hlgcap.com.my).

Stock quote also available at Bursa Malaysia, The Star.

HLG Capital (HLG Cap), a publicly listed company, is the holding company for Hong Leong Investment Bank, HLGUT and HLG Asset Management.

Through Hong Leong Investment Bank, it carries out the business of an investment bank, a merchant bank dealing in securities, stocks, debt and derivatives, stock broking, trading in futures and options contracts, fund management, corporate finance advisory, investment advice and financial planning, among others. It has a team of well-informed and knowledgeable dealers and remisiers who with their insightful analyses lets you maximize your investment returns while minimizing risks; and that puts you in a better position to seize investment opportunities. Through HLe-Broking, clients are able to place orders online and manage their investment portfolio at their own comfort.

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