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Aeon Co. (M) Bhd - 6599(AEON)

Aeon Co. (M) Bhd - 6599 (AEON)

Aeon Co. (M) Bhd lists under Main Market of Bursa Malaysia. It has been classified in the Trading & Services sector. The stock code uses in Bursa Malaysia is "6599" or identify by stock name of "AEON". More information about Aeon Co. (M) Bhd can be found in their website (www.jusco.com.my).

1st & Final Dividend 23% & Special Dividend 1% T.E.12-06-201314-06-201311-07-2013
Stock quote also available at Bursa Malaysia, The Star.

ÆON CO. (M) BHD. (formerly known as Jaya Jusco Stores Bhd.) is a leading retailer in Malaysia with a total revenue of RM3.73 billion in the financial year ended 31st December 2009. The Company was incorporated on 15 September 1984. ÆON CO. (M) BHD. was set up in response to the Malaysian Government’s invitation to ÆON Japan to help modernise the retailing industry in Malaysia. The ‘JUSCO’ name today is well established among Malaysians as well as foreigners, especially due to its association with the international ÆON group of companies.

ÆON has established itself as a leading chain of general merchandise stores. ÆON’s constant interior redecoration of stores, to project an image designed to satisfy the ever changing needs and desires of consumers, is clear evidence of this. The Company’s performance has been further enhanced by the management’s acute understanding of target market needs and the provision of a correct product-mix.

ÆON’s stores are mostly situated in suburban residential areas, catering to the vast middle income group.

The ÆON group of companies consists of ÆON Co. Ltd., and more than 150 consolidated subsidiaries and affiliated companies. In addition to its core general merchandise stores (GMS) plus its supermarket and convenience store operations, ÆON is also active in specialty store operations, shopping center development, operations and services.

ÆON group of companies is an integrated Japanese retailer and is active not only in Japan but also in Southeast Asia, China and North America.

At all times, in every market, ÆON's activities are guided by the unchanging 'Customer First' philosophy. Its aim is to surpass expectations by combining excellent products with unique personal services that enhance the shopping experience to make the customers smile every time they shop.

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