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381.Century Bond Bhd (Stock)
382.Century Logistics Holdings Bhd (Stock)
383.Cepatwawasan Group Bhd (Stock)
384.Petrol One Resources Bhd (Stock)
385.Chase Perdana Bhd (Stock)
386.Chee Wah Corporation Bhd (Stock)
387.Cheetah Holdings Bhd (Stock)
388.Chemical Company Of Malaysia Bhd (Stock)
389.Chin Foh Bhd (Stock)
390.Chin Teck Plantations Bhd (Stock)
391.Chin Well Holdings Bhd (Stock)
392.Choo Bee Metal Industries Bhd (Stock)
393.Chuan Huat Resources Bhd (Stock)
394.Classic Scenic Bhd (Stock)
395.CME Group Bhd (Stock)
396.CN Asia Corporation Bhd (Stock)
397.CNI Holdings Bhd (Stock)
398.CNLT (Far East) Bhd (Stock)
399.Coastal Contracts Bhd (Stock)
400.Cocoaland Holdings Bhd (Stock)

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