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Callable Bull Bear Certificate (CBBC)

Today CIMB has launched the first Callable Bull Certificates (CBLC) type of structured warrant in Bursa Malaysia. According to Bursa Malaysia website:

CBBC is another type of structured product, much like a structured warrant and is also known as “knock out”, “turbo” or “stop loss” warrants. CBBC is also likened to Certificates For Difference (CFD). They are issued either as Bull or Bear certificates with a fixed expiry date, allowing investors to take bullish or bearish positions on the underlying instrument. CBBCs track the performance of an underlying instrument without requiring investors to pay the full price required to own the actual underlying instrument. On Bursa, CBBC is allowed to be issued for a tenure of 3 months to 5 years.

During this tenure, a CBBC could be ‘called’ by the issuer when the price of the underlying instrument reaches a level known as the “Call Price” specified in the listing document. If the Call Price is reached before expiry, the CBBC will expire early and the trading of that CBBC will be suspended and terminated. The specified expiry date from the listing document will no longer be valid and the CBBC will be settled in cash only.


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