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My Own Expert Advisor (EA) – BursaWave 1

Today I want to share of my own Expert Advisor (EA) to be use in Metatrader4 platform. This software is not strange for those who familiar in forex trading. I named my first EA as BursaWave 1. This EA can be test only for the pair of EURUSD. Recommended timeframe is M30. Anyone who interested can use the default setting comes with this EA or change the parameter if required.

This is the test result:

Deposit: USD10,000.
Test Period: January 2008 – July 2008
Profit: USD337,805.53

See the result on the chart.

BursaWave 1 - test result

Anyone interested can see the result details here.

To download this EA here: BursaWave 1

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  1. i have been using some EA file but im really interested trying using yours. can u please explain me how to use bursawave1.ex4. i cant figure how does it work. thank you. i already put in my metatrade expert directory and run the ea but nothing happen. your reply is very much appreciated. thank you.


  2. I understand that your EA had expiry, can you provide me the latest edition? Thanks.


  3. hi ,is it possible to send me your valid version of your ea?

    thank you in advance


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  6. Do you have EA that work on BURSA products specifically the BDM products such as FKLI & FCPO?
    Thank you.



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